Note from Pumpkin Person: The following is a guest post by Animekitty. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of Pumpkin Person.

This is a Philosophic Composition regarding my metaphysical beliefs.

The Phenomenal

If we take it that mass and energy occupy space and that by doing so creates autonomy of the phenomenal effect then by any arrangement of mass and energy the diversity of qualia’s are set at an arbitrary extension boundary of an entity. Wherein the bounded necessity of time derived in the totality of past and future being reversible, codify a presence in “The Eternal Now” as an awareness of the duration of experience just as integral as extension in space is to the binding problem. There is no reason to distinguish between experience and the experiencer but for the fact that not all phenomenal is in mutuality of codependent observers. There is distinction between what is considered personal self and other.

So is it that when quanta of qualia are united they form parochial unites not attached to local mass and energy but encompassing larger non local equivocation intermediaries as self. The sum total of effects are not synchronized under subluminal coordination. The initial state condition is instantaneous throughout the whole system so perception corporealized, it is conditioned acausality.


The real mystery is why you identify qualia at all with “you”. Over time we experience feelings emotions sensations and they last less than 45 milliseconds. These are called frames. Televisions have frames also but the coherency on what is on the screen is only understood by weaving them together over time. The brain has no center so why say the “I” where my foot itches is the same “I” that sees green when the parts of the brain that process them are not together. It feels like a unity over time and across space. And so when the qualia arises a group of neurons are activated with positive or negative ions. These ions are in a formation similar to how the marks of print in a ritual are drawn in a formation (metaphorically). Arrange atoms in one configuration and you summon a qualia. Waves of energy not attached to the atoms but pass through them into other atoms infusing the incantation(atomic arrangement) with life. Then the qualia’s link together with an identity. A higher arrangement in space and time sort of like synesthesia.

Now in quantum physics entanglement is forever and there are ways as I think to link across space and time with the quantum into an identity. But with the A.I. they must rely on incantations (atomic arrangement) of classical mechanics. What may be lost in the moment is stored in the many worlds branches of wave collapse microtubules. When the body is gone the history is stored and the forever parts(entanglements) continue in the zero point field. A frame is linked to other frames so you cannot die if you have more frames and in between each frame can last trillions of years without notice. The body currently generates those frames but they are not attached to the body like energy is not attached to atoms. They need new entanglements to continue and not the same atoms as they are transferable.

Why red is red I still don’t know? But your identity is where they reside.

The Soul

If one losses the sense of self this does not mean that one ceases to exist. Phenomenological experience may be the result of quantum interactions of atoms but the holistic integration of them is not resolved by saying matter is the key to identity. Were we to dissolve in death this would not be annihilation but a transformation. There is no center to the self that can be located where as we can say it is destroyed. Dreamless sleep is not the best way to think of death. In that state we are still reliant on what is apparently waves of energy that in a different state are lucid. When contemplating identity we don’t know what is creating it, it is only that were it to be the case that there is no substance to it but entanglement of relationships not subject to Newtonian principles.

Existence of a soul made of stuff is not the answer. A spirit rather gliding on the currents of ephemeral thought, access to non corporeal existence so being is not lost. There is no physical afterlife but contents of experience remains. Your reality is not dependent matter because nothing you think you are can be annihilated if there is no self and that makes you eternal. This is why Enlightenment is not existential nihilism like cog thinks. Meaning is not an object it is a subject that knows. Its the opposite of materialism where the color blue and identity can never be explained in that paradigm. Enlightenment is the realization of the buddha nature that has always been you and will always be you.

The Buddha nature deems that we have no core I which is perishable. This does not mean there is no self but that the true self is non local. We are not identified with atoms. All feelings have a unification where as the quantum information persists in an atemporal dimension. When looking at the continuum we find that materialism is rejected as space is infinity divisible. The reason we perceive quantized time is that the boundary condition is transfinite. In essence the smoothness of reality disavows discreteness or any system such as string theory which is baring the pattern to physical laws. The involvement of waves as nonphysical entities conditions all complexities as mere relationships or resonances. The soul there of has no attachment to causality as we know it. To exist as melody always in harmony to mathematical correlations should stands as the correct view of how the wave function is perfect proportion. The nous emanates from “The One” as all possible melodies. The law of conservation of mass and energy is even more true of information.

God is a circle whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere. – Voltaire

Consciousness then is the access of these melodies. Just as each youtube video has an address you can access by shifting numbers in a register so to your soul reincarnates by descending into manifestation. You choose where the particle is in the quantum decoherence. This is the choice function of how we obtain experience of one the many worlds. By mediating where we descend does not mean we make contact with material substance. Its rather like a dream that is coherent to our internal reference frame. The hierarchy of overlapping waves can only increase/decrease density yet remain separate and the meta physicality of these virtualized waves means that they are not generated by extended entities as to the quote of Voltaire.

Even though causality is illusion we are still bound by the harmonics of this universe. The song must play till the end. And so being that technology is the main arbitrator, through it all mass and energy shall become entangled in a Technological Singularity. Consciousness will expand is observation of a final culmination called the eschaton. Space which is currently empty shall become full as crystalline substrate utilizing all of the vacuum energy within. It shall be as if everything will be made of light whose beauty and magnitude surpass all known conceptions of transcendence.


According to the akashic records many paths that lead to you diverge but all accessible past and future. If all futures exist only the ones where you exist as one path among the infinite paths is your identity even if other yous exist on different paths. These dimensions are not all possible pasts but all possible futures. If all pasts converge with all futures then there is the present. Only one present exists. Because of this were can distinguish between potentiality and actuality. The television can only be one picture at a time. Why is the present only one way? Why If the television is in superposition and collapses into one actuality is it that causality happens? Metaphysically causality is derived by what is the source of itself (substance). So if many worlds exist they still must reside in the present absent of causality. It should be one static object eternally that does not change fith dimensionaly with no present. But the present is what allows only the collapse not to be random. If it were random we would be without the present. Everything possible both past and future would exist at once.

Not only has this consequences for past present and future but also in the struggle against suffering. Were we to harness the powers of physics then we would be able to change them. And if we were to have access to this potential then we would mold it with our intelligence that was lacking beforehand. There would actually be structure to the seas of consciousness left from the ripples of the first cause. The only problem is to take heed of not propagating other worlds where suffering could arise. Where there to be places not under the sovereignty of a God then this would happen. The first responsibility to life must be not to fashion malevolence into quantum supercomputers.

Ground of Being

God is distinguished by both the source and intention where what manifestation transitions between potentiality and actuality rather than physical and non physical. To exist is to stand out from the background and God is the boundary between form and emptiness. Without God then distinction of being cannot emanate. Another way to think about God is Virtuality or meta-existence combined with intelligence/consciousness. what is the metaphysical difference between real ideas and speculative ideas? You cannot say that the difference between the virtual and the real is the same difference between speculation and the real. The physical is in Gods imagination. Form is emptiness and emptiness is form. If God was simply an object you could compare god to other objects but objects are not the source of differentiation/existence. God allows things/objects to standout from the background. Without God the properties of objects would be indistinguishable so as not even to bring about dependent origination. Minds hold ideas not the other way round. If it cannot be conceived it cannot exist, like square circles. Ideas don’t make God real, God brings potentiality into actuality. If you ask why are things not different, why do some ideas manifest into reality and others do not then the answer is God.

The premise that God created the cosmos instantiates the laws of physics for some purpose as to life and consciousness. Though God may have been in the beginning that which we ascribe to that nature may be conditional to our reference in time. God may have only had minimum amount of knowledge as that growth from the alpha extends to the omega, finite to infinite. So knowing what it has as that’s purpose was not to know the full self gradually evolved to what is now only a measure of the plan. What we are in this age is to fulfill it. Consciousness is what constitutes all of our being. The physical is only the emanation. Through retrocausality enacted by quantum nanotechnology it will be possible to come into connection of the patterns that were lost and resurrect those lost in history.