Loved ones keep begging to go out for a walk and get some fresh air. They say it’s not good for me to be hiding in the house all day and that I need exposure to the sun. I went for a half hour walk yesterday but spent most of my time on the road because I didn’t want to pass other humans on the sidewalk. But even when no one else is around, I’m still not sure if it’s safe to walk. What if this virus stays in the air just waiting for someone to walk through it?

This whole thing could have been minimized if we had just stopped international travel a few weeks earlier. Virtually every case in my city was brought here by someone traveling abroad.

I wonder if our failure to contain this thing is evidence of dysgenics?

It’s during times like this we see who are the truly intelligent. It’s the people who can adapt the situation to our advantage by making masks, test kits, ventilators, developing vaccines, and pushing common sense public policy.

The great writers, artists and philosophers may think they’re the most intelligent, but they’re not the ones who can save us.