So the other day I’m looking at the blogs internal statistics and I see a HUGE spike in traffic at the end of February.

I look where the traffic is coming from and find this tweet from Charles Murray:

Murray is the most influential social scientist on the planet. His book Losing Ground is credited with welfare reform in the Clinton era and The Bell Curve (which he co-authored with Richard Herrnstein) mainstreamed the IQ debate.

After all I’ve done for RR, you would think he could at least pretend to be happy for me getting this iconic endorsement, but sadly the ungrateful charlatan allowed jealousy to get the better of him as he tweeted out the following:

No blogger works harder than RR (reading a book a week and creating articles with more references than a wikipedia page) so no wonder he’s bitter he can’t escape my shadow. His blog currently ranks 3,220,173rd in the world while mine ranks 1,178,817. RR (who looks like a hybrid between a poodle and the Jersey Shore) needs to surpass over TWO MILLION blogs in popularity to even come in striking distance with me.

Poor RR