I hope all my fans, trolls and haters are enjoying the holidays! Here’s a wonderful song to get you in the Christmas spirit:

This song is especially meaningful to me because I really do live on a river I can skate away on. Well technically it’s a canal. It’s literally the World’s longest skating rink and I get to live on it.

Do I deserve to live here among the well-heeled and white bred; those who listen to Mozart and sip the finest Cabernet?

To quote the late great Daniel Seligman:

The connection between IQ and achievement has one positive implication. People who are at the top in [North American] life, are probably there because they’re more intelligent than the rest of us, which is doubtless the way most of us think it should be.

I love skating as fast as I can under the full moon of a cold January night..

then getting a nice warm beaver tail, to give me just enough energy to skate home.

And then sticking in a nice atmospheric horror film as I sip my well-earned signature homemade hot chocolate.


I think I’m going to make some of that right now.