Recently, Jeff Bezos dethroned Bill Gates as the World’s richest human, however Lion of the Blogosphere writes:

It should be noted that Bezos got married one year before he started, so all of the stock in is community property. 50/50 split. No theatrics. Shares in a publicly traded company are pretty easy to split 50/50. The two parties could argue about the values of Bezos’ various mansions, but they probably won’t. When you’re getting almost 70 billion dollars worth of stock, why worry about whether one mansion is worth a few million more than the other?

As of today Gates is reportedly worth $94.9 billion while Bezos is worth is reportedly worth $135.3 billion, however if his wife takes half, Bezos will be left with only around $68 billion (depending on the value of Amazon stocks on the day she takes his money).

Bill Gates is probably the single best example of the SAT measuring real world intelligence, because here we have someone with a one in a million SAT score (equating to an IQ of 170) becoming the richest human on the planet for decades, and then even after giving away the title through incredible philanthropy, reclaiming it without even trying.

Meanwhile Oprah is probably the single best example of brain size measuring real world intelligence, because here you have a woman with a one in several billion head circumference (+6.3 SD above the female mean) climbing out of extreme adversity to become the World’s only black billionaire (from 2004 to 2007) and the World’s most influential woman.

And part of their success was their ability to avoid costly mistakes. As J.P. Rushton once stated:

All of us have success, all of us have failures; but high IQ people tend to end up further ahead in part because they make fewer mistakes.

Just as Bill Gates scored near-perfect on the SAT because he didn’t make many mistakes, in real life he avoided the mistake of having a costly divorce perhaps by choosing a woman of substance over a flashy trophy wife. Oprah too avoided that mistake simply by never marrying long-time live-in partner Steadman Graham, instead simply showing him as arm candy at award shows.

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Although Jeff Bezos likely has a slightly higher IQ than even Oprah (145 vs 140) and will always have far more wealth (though never as much influence or status) he made a HUGE mistake.