Many fans of the Halloween franchise would love to forget Rob Zombie’s 2007 remake (and its 2009 sequel) because it gave the mysterious slasher Michael Myers a backstory and turned him into white trash.  However I see Zombie’s versions as an interesting alternative and there’s something very creepy about a white trash family so consumed with their own dysfunction that a budding serial killer just gets lost in the chaos.  And from an HBD perspective, it’s only logical that someone as messed up as Michael Myers would be born in a low class home: the genetic garbage of society.

In the above scence, William Forsythe does a great job as Ronnie White, the boyfriend of Michael Myer’s mother.  It’s hilarious watching him mock the crying baby and the way young Michael says good morning to it.

While Myers’s mother is in denial, Ronnie has the social intelligence to realize young Michael is one messed up kid who will grow up to be some kind of freak, though not even he can see imagine the brutal monster Michael would one day become.

Mostly he just makes fun of young Michael for seeming gay.

If young Michael had been administered the WISC-R intelligence test, I think he would have scored around 80.  Obviously an IQ test can’t tell you a kid will grow up to be a serial killer, but it can roughly predict whether you will rise or fall in social class.

Since Michael had a low IQ in my opinion, even compared to other children of “white trash”, one would have predicted that he would fall even further in social class, which is exactly what happens.  Michael’s violent rage leads him to a life of mental hospitalization and in Zombie’s vastly underrated sequel, homelessness.  And low scores on certain Wechsler subtests, especially one involving verbal abstraction, might reveal young Michael’s detachment from reality.  Indeed Wechsler saw his scale as a psychiatric tool, in addition to an IQ test.