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So in part 1 of this series we learned that Americans who take the new GRE have the following scores: Verbal 152.7 (standard deviation [SD] = 7.6), Quant 150.2 (SD = 7.8), and Combined 302.9 (SD = 13.6)

In part 2 we learned that Americans who take the new GRE have the following IQs: Verbal 117 (SD = 13.5), Math 117 (SD = 13.3) and Combined 119 (SD = 13.2), on a scale where all Americans score 100 (SD = 15).

Mapping the verbal, quant and combined GRE scores to their IQ counterparts, new GRE scores can be equated to IQ as follows:

Verbal IQ = 1.776(new GRE Verbal) – 154.243

Quant IQ = 1.705(new GRE Math) – 139.11

Combined IQ = 0.971(new GRE Combined) – 174.991

All IQs are calculated based on U.S. norms which is standard on official IQ tests like the WAIS-IV.  To convert to U.S. white norms which are sometimes used in international research, see here.