The great Gordon Lightfoot!  Such a beautiful song.  I was honored to be given front row seats when he shocked everyone by showing up to sing it at Canada’s 150th.  I didn’t think he was going to show but like the great Canadian he is, he showed:

The legendary Anne Murray  So innocent! My favorite part of the below video is at the 1:25 mark when the beat picks up and Anne starts walking forward to the beat.  In the U.S. singers have to shake their booty, but all Anne has to do is stand there, because she’s Anne Murray, and that’s enough.  And because she’s so restrained and understated, the mere act of taking a few steps forward is enough to excite the crowd.

The great Celine Dion  In one of the finest moments in TV history, here she is surprising the  Canadian Tenors on Oprah.  French Canadian women are the most beautiful on Earth:


The incredible KD Lang

Commenter JC writes:

Through a purely subjective (and admittedly meaningless) “assessment”, k.d. merits a VQ (Vocal Quotient) of 190 (SD = 16); score assigned on the basis of her supernal performance of the song “Constant Craving”.

I also love her version of “Crying” and the way the audience cheers when she hits the high notes:


The great Burton Cummings Commenter JC also suggested that at his prime, Burton Cummings was in the same vocal league as Lang:


The fabulous Joni Mitchell Black national merit finalist G-man made this great suggestion


Based on feedback from readers, the list was updated on Feb 13, 2018