Philosopher Chris Langan was dubbed America’s smartest man by the U.S. media after he correctly answered 47 out of 48 questions on the iconic Mega Test (it’s estimated that only one in 100 million U.S. adults were capable of scoring that high during the years that test was used).  Langan’s genius was also confirmed by professional testing arranged by ABC news:

It was further confirmed by him winning $250 K on a TV quiz show, and even by his stratospheric head size:

Recently, a reader kindly informed me of evidence that Langan may have been reading one of my blogs!  Back in July 2014 I reported (on my less active blog) that Harvard students scored 128 on an abbreviated version of the WAIS-R which I noted was much lower than their SAT IQ equivalents, and, in the same article, I also estimated that tenured professors average IQ 133 (I’ve since revised both figures downward).

Thus, I was honored to learn that Langan mentioned in a Quora answer the same obscure Harvard study I publicized in my July 2014 article (along with the comparison to their SAT scores that I had made) along with virtually an identical IQ estimate for tenured professors I had made:


This strongly suggests Langan had read my article, which makes sense since my article was extensively cited by Quora.

So I advise commenters not to say anything too dumb, because you never know when America’s smartest man might be reading!