A few random thoughts:

Too bad about Charlie Rose not being the upstanding gentleman the World thought he was.  This is the third time in the past few years a talented interviewer (seemingly) lost his show because of a sex scandal, the first two being CBC radio’s Jian Ghomeshi and Fox News’s Bill O’reilly.

I suspect part of what happened in Rose’s case is that a lot of women were star struck by his power and celebrity, and Rose misinterpreted this as sexual interest since as a former college basketball player and media elite, he was used to women being attracted to him.  But sadly the ageing process catches up with even the most alpha of males, and the ladies are no longer liked him that way.

It will be interesting to see who replaces him on CBS this morning.  He and Gayle King Bumpus had such great chemistry and it’s sad to see it potentially end.

Meanwhile, I found this really interesting talk about cross-cultural schizophrenia:

Always cool when the elite psychology professor looks like a psycho himself, and the fact that elite professors are able to look like that, yet still command respect is a testament to their status.

This professor was raised an Orthodox Jew but his IQ was apparently so high he realized there was no God at just 13, though could never tell his father about his atheism.

He clearly has an extremely high verbal IQ, and an extremely high full-scale IQ, but I suspect only average or slightly below average Performance IQ .  One thing I love about the WAIS-R is you can be a moron in several ways, yet still end up with an extremely high overall IQ, because intelligence is not a unitary variable, but as Wechsler said, a composite global entity.