With Halloween only weeks away, it’s time to take a terrifying drive down evolution road.

Imagine your father stood up beside the highway, and behind him stood your grandfather, and behind him stood your great-grandfather, and behind him stood your great, great-grandfather etc.  Now imagine you got in your car and started driving down this highway, beginning at your father, and ending at your most ancient ancestor.

Assuming you drove beside this line of ancestors at 100 km/hour which is pretty typical for a highway, it would take you just under 20 seconds to pass an ancestor who looked kind of Arab:


After driving  just three minutes beside the line of ancestors, you’d pass an ancestor who looked like a black man, at least if you believe the computer generated reconstruction of how folks looked 70,000 kya, endorsed by geneticist Spencer Wells:

photo-2Drive for half an hour, and you pass ancestors who look like this:


Drive for 90 minutes, and you pass ancestors who look liked this: