[Note from PP, April 1, 2017: The following are a series of “letters” a commenter known as “The Philosopher” wrote to or about people he considers autistic.  The views expressed in this guest post do not necessarily reflect the views of Pumpkin Person.  Out of respect for the author, please try to keep all comments on topic.  I understand conversations naturally evolve, but all comments should at least start on-topic.  Title & art selection by Pumpkin Person]


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Feb 24, 2017:

O was thinking avout the commenters suggestion that schizoid and aspergers present virtuay the same.

[first part of sentence redacted by PP, April 1, 2017] the difference is quite simple. A schizoid would never got out to a bar or a club alone for socialising reason.

Autists want to socialise and have friends. Schizoids do not.

However schizoid can easily become drug addict, alcholic.

The preponderence of substance abuse and schiz is very high. I think there was a stat that 90% of diagnosed schizophrenics smoke.

The fact mel is a boderline alco ia another reason why i think mel gibson is a genuine para schiz quite aside from his glare and very aggressive personality and movie topic choice.

He is also very creative. Watch the behind the scenes on braveheart. A maestro.

The fact mel is thinking about directing the passion part 2 to really stick it to the Hollywood [one word redacted by PP, April 1, 2017] is for me, to be honest, well… if i had a pussy it would be sopping. What a role model for us all.

March 4, 2017:

I am an INTJ.

The reason I think you are autistic is because you cannot see what lies in the hearts of men and women. You essentially do the thing you accuse me of – and see yourself in the hearts of men ‘waiting to come out’ or ‘distorted’ or some other ‘just around the corner any time now’ fable of the true virginal believer.

What you must ask is – what defines an animal, its thought process or its behaviours? What benefit is there in not thinking instinctively beyond solving sudoku puzzles? Am i neurologically incapable of seeing instinct in others? Why does that instinct exist?

Real intuition isn’t ‘oneness’ or some other Buddhist head in the toilet idiocy. Real intuition is recognising the darwinistic sorting mechanism for what it is – a kind of game of opposing players. Games don’t get resolved by getting the other player to agree not to play the game.

Everything is set up for it to be a competition. It is in the fibre of the design…can you not see it like Zion? Zion, being the highest IQ race was perhaps to see the Struggle as the first racial supremacist cult. Our dopamine rushes and serotonin depend immeasurably on relative outcomes, not absolutes. That’s why technology is totally irrelevant you hippy! If we cannot have Oreos, than the people would be equally happy on bread and butter – as long as everyone has the same – but you can’t see it!

Your aspergers intuition leads you to a foregone conclusion which you think is readily apparent for all to see with enough ‘introspection’ to your neurologically dulled mind – peace and openness.

People that don’t care how the game is resolved by definition will be dissolved.

My intuition leads me to see the Struggle of the Will because I have not been created in a test tube to be a servile factory worker.

The objective reality of course is The Struggle of the Will. The Struggle defines real happiness and sadness, victory and sorrow. Not provisioning or lack of provisioning by some higher power’s kindness like a woman would desire off her dominant husband.

You are intuitive only in the sense you have melded low testosterone into a semi-coherent rationale for living…

March 9, 2017:

You’re an idiot [named redacted by PP, April 1, 2017]. The more centralised power became the more the rulers selected for eunuchs. Thus people specialised economically. The more the rulers could defend surplus from other rulers, the more specialised the economy became allowing individual people previously not viable – i.e asperger engineers and Silicon Valley workers to breed. Even then it only works under strict monogamous enforcement through religion, law and social mores.

[One word redacted by PP, April 1, 2017] is deregulating the sexual market which is bad news brown for Mr Autist who hoped has 150k salary was going to boost his chance of pairing off and reproducing.

Look at how Chinese guys do in non-regulated sexual markets.