Loaded’s parents are ridiculously well educated people, both with PhDs or equivalent and in STEM fields to boot. In Pakistan I estimate roughly 6.9 million people come of age every year, and of those, only 1400 obtain PhDs so a PhD for someone born there is like a one in 4,928 achievement which means the median PhD would be roughly one in 10 thousand. In other words, if there were a perfect correlation between IQ and education, Loaded’s parents would average 56 points above the Pakistani mean of 80 (white norms). However since the correlation between IQ and education(within age cohorts) is only at most 0.7 (at least in the U.S.), our best guess is they would be 0.7(56) + 80 = 119.

Now assuming they’re both 119 we can apply my formula for predicting an offspring’s IQ from their parents:

0.31(dad’s IQ – population mean) + 0.31(mom’s IQ – population mean) + population mean = offspring’s expected IQ

0.31(119 – 80) + 0.31(119 – 80) + 80 = 104

However people tend to score much better when raised in America than they would have in the Third World. For example the mean IQ in Nigeria is 68, but full-blooded descendants of American slaves (who were not selected for high IQ) average at least 80.

Analogously, we’d expect Loaded to score 12 points higher than he would have if raised in Pakistan, thus 104 + 12 = 116, which sounds like a very believable figure!