In my last articles we learned that Alice is the sole survivor at Camp Blood, and the slasher is revealed to be the grieving mother (played by Betsy Palmer) of Jason, a mentally retarded boy who drowned at the camp decades earlier.

For some reason this scene feels so iconic. Alice throws stuff at the killer but the killer keeps coming.

Alice throws a ball of yarn, the killer punches it away. Alice throws something at the killer. The killer deflects it with her chin.

Finally Alice throws her arms up as if in surrender.

This is reminiscent of the girl who got killed back at the start of the movie back in 1957.

At the start of the film this was a freeze frame moment and the films title came crashing through the screen with opening credits. So perhaps when Alice did the same thing, they could have freeze framed it with the film’s title crashing through the screen with closing credits. That might have been a good note to end on, but the film’s actual ending was so much more brilliant, and we’ll discuss that in the next article.