A recent paper by Davide Piffer shows that East Asians tower on whatever common genetic variants predict education in Western populations.

You might say this is meaningless since the correlation between DNA and education in one particular culture is not nessecarily causal, let alone reflective of intelligence, but it’s striking how well a polygenic score built to predict education among whites does at predicting where whites rank compared to all the non-white groups in mean IQ.

For example when representative samples of the major races are reared in the same environment, you tend to get the following IQ ranking: East Asians > Whites > South Asians > Amerindians > Blacks, which is exactly the same pattern observed in the education polygenic scores.

Some people find it hard to believe East Asians could be smarter than whites because whites have invented so much of the modern world, but it’s well known that creative achievements require more than just ability; they also require certain primitive personality traits. Whites were evolved enough to have high IQ, yet still primitive enough to have the mental illness, non-conformity, and narcissism upon which creative output depends. It was this perfect balance between derived and basal traits that allowed whites to dominate.

But even this point should not be overstated. Throughout most of World history, non-whites have been on top.

NOTE: Kevin Bird has a paper countering some of Piffer’s claims so until this debate is resolved, strong conclusions are not justified.