For over a year, the prevailing narrative among the educated class is that the coronavirus jumped from bats to humans in a Chinese wet market. However an alternative theory is that the virus was created in Chinese lab. At first this theory was only believed by right-wing morons but increasingly it has been embraced by intellectuals like Bill Maher and Saagar Enjeti.

One reason to reject the bat theory is it seems unlikely that a virus that evolved in bats would immediately be so well adapted to humans. And why would a virus that evolved in bats spread primarily indoors when bats are always outside? These two facts cause people to suspect the virus is not natural but was designed to spread in humans. And the fact that it attacks organs and causes blood clots makes some suspect it was created as a potential biological weapon that somehow escaped from the lab. Unlike the racist scum pushing ant-Asian conspiracy theories, I don’t believe it was intentionally released.

If the virus does indeed turn out to be a biological weapon, then East Asians have created a powerful new weapon that has conquered the World. Although the virus has unintentionally caused enormous pain and suffering to billions of people, the fact that they could engineer something that effective is evidence of superior East Asian intelligence.

But because humans evolved to be tribal, despicable acts of violence have been unleashed against Asian-Americans like this brutal stomping of an older Oriental woman in New York.

When I learned that the assailant was black, my heart sank. How can one minority be so racist against another? You would think that they would know better.

On the other hand, blacks were the first and most tropical humans, while Mongoloids were the last and most cold-adapted humans. If ethnic genetic interests are real, being at opposite ends of the racial spectrum may cause hostility.

However when another anti-Asian racist (this time a white one) decided to beat up an elderly Oriental woman, she beat the living shit out of him. Even though he had every advantage, being twice her size, speed and strength and youth, she used her large brain size to adapt; to take whatever situation she was in, and turn it around to her advantage.

That’s really what intelligence is.

Genetically superior.