At first glance the idea of Trump being on the autistic spectrum is prima facie absurd. For autistics have impaired social cognition and Trump is one of the most accomplished politicians of our time (despite no political experience, he defeated a platoon of Republicans and the Clinton machine to become President of the United States).

But then Lion of the Blogosphere claimed autism might be in Trump’s family. Well that’s strange I thought. We’d expect a nerdy billionaire like Bill Gates to have an autistic relative, not an alpha-male one like Trump.

In science, it’s such novel and unexpected facts, when fully explored that lead to new understanding. The new understanding might be that autism has nothing to with nerdiness as Lion also had once noted:

I am rejecting an idea I previously had, and which seems common on the internet, that nerdiness is a mild form of Asperger’s Syndrome, or that all nerds have that syndrome. The reason why there is a lot of overlap between nerds and Aspies is because they are both social outcasts, and as social outcasts they both fail to learn the correct behaviors of the popular kids, but the reasons for why they become social outcasts differ. Boys who have a combination of high neuroticism, introversion, small/weak/bad athletic skills, and ugly appearance, are at risk for being excluded from the popular kids groups, and thus become nerds. Unlike Aspies who are often completely antisocial and become interested in weird things like train schedules, nerdy boys are social with other nerds and they have shared nerdy interests like science-fiction television shows and video games. To further confuse things, Aspies often fall into their orbit because the nerdy clique is more welcoming of a weird Aspie than the popular kids clique. And nerds can appear to be anti-social because they are often shy, but it’s not the same cause as Aspie anti-socialness.

Instead of being nerds, Lion noted that autistics lack mimicking instincts.:

Humans are born with a natural instinct to copy the behavior of other humans, and to seek approval of people with higher status in the social group. For people born with autism, this instinct is missing or lacking. For this reason, true autistics fail to learn how to speak because as I’ve previously pointed out, languages are learned by mimicking rather than by reasoning, and learning by mimicking doesn’t happen when a child is born without the instinct to copy his parents.

Partial autistics, in other words those who have Asperger’s Syndrome, do enough mimicking to learn how to talk, but they don’t acquire the fully expressive language abilities of normal children, and they also don’t acquire the correct social behaviors, facial expressions, etc, because those are also learned by mimicking. Lacking the natural copycat instincts of normal children, they usually become social outcasts because they fail to copy the behaviors of the other children and become part of the group. They also tend to pick up odd interests because they lack the copycat instinct of normal children who choose their interests based on what other children like, or what their parents convince them to like.

Aha I thought! This perfectly explains Trump. He lacks the mimicking instincts to copy the virtue signaling of other elites and thus speaks freely about banning Muslims and other immigrants and brags openly about his wealth. His ridiculous hair, trophy wife, orange spray tan, gold plated decorating, and KFC eating shows he lacks the instinct to copy other members of his social class and thus relates better to working class whites than he does other billionares.

As Lion noted, full autistics are so lacking in mimicking that they never learn to speak. Partial autistics (i.e. aspies) do enough mimicking to speak (often at advanced level), but not enough to be political. Perhaps Trump is a partial aspie, so he does enough mimicking to be political, but not enough to fit in with the fine-dining high social class in-which he was born. By failing to mimic the class in-which he was born, the white working class worship him as the one billionaire who is one of them and who will fight for working class interests. By behaving the way most working class whites would if they had billions of dollars (gold plated home, trophy wife) Trump becomes a God-like figure in their eyes.

Trump rejects the fine dining of other elites for a nice greasy bucket of KFC