Commenter Rahul wanted me to post about a number sequence test he found online called NUMERUS BASIC . At first I didn’t want to do so because I hate number sequence tests, but maybe other people will like it so here’s a link.

The reason I hate number sequence tests is you never no when to give up trying different possibilities. As a result you can waste a lot of time on wild goose chases. I prefer tests where you either know the answer or you don’t, and you either know you can figure out how to solve it or you don’t.

Although it’s worth noting that perhaps the smartest person I’ve ever encountered (online or off) was superhuman when it came to number sequences. Virtually no one could create a number sequence that could stump him, and some of these number sequences had nothing whatsoever to do with math.

One thing that struck me is how similar NUMERUS BASIC is to the PATMA in programming design so whoever wrote this test appears to be at least as advanced as me in programming skills (which is not that advanced). It’s basically the exact same computer program but with different test questions but I’m very new to programming so maybe this design is standard.

If you took NUMERUS BASIC please let us know how you did in the anonymous poll below: