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Forbes magazine reports:

A follower of the online right-wing QAnon conspiracy theory appears to have a straightforward path to winning a U.S. Congressional seat from a district in Georgia, setting the stage for what could be the first open supporter of the “deep state” conspiracy theory taking a seat in the U.S. legislature.

In case you don’t know, QAnon is a conspiracy theory that the World is run by a large group of baby eating Satanic Pedophile child trafficking elites who hate Donald Trump because he’s the only one who can destroy them and restore morality to the World. They believe the elite is run by the Saudi Royal Family, the Rothschild family, and George Soros.

Q stands for information you need Q level government clearance to access and they believe an anonymous person(s) with such clearance drops this information to his followers on the dark web.

Among their other beliefs:

  • Angela Merkel is Hitler’s granddaughter.
  • Hillary Clinton had JFK jr killed because he might have run for the senate in New York (a seat Hillary wanted and acquired), but JFK jr. may have survived and could be Q himself.
  • Hillary was running a child trafficing ring out of the basement of a pizza parlor.
  • The stay-at-home orders of the coronavirus is a way of hiding the fact that many Hollywood elites are on house arrest for their crimes (a theory they prove using photo-shopped images of prominent celebs wearing ankle monitors).

On a scale where white Americans average 100 with an SD of 15, I estimate Q people have an average IQ of about 90 (about the same as creationists, and indeed there’s considerable overlap between the two groups).

The media has featured them a few times(which should be a clue that they’re useful idiots for the elite because they make inquiry into legitimate conspiracy theories (the Epstein case, neocon wars) look absurd.

QAnon might have made an intelligent conspiracy theory if meant to be taken metaphorically, but it’s taken all too literally.

Here CNN tries to interview Q followers:

An excellent interview about the Q movement with a man who studies it. Well worth a listen as they get into the psychology of conspiracy theorists:

[This article was updated on June 15, 2020, to remove a statement a commenter found misleading]