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As Mark Stein once noted, no major event in the history of the Republic occurs unless it’s validated by her presence, and the George Floyd controversy is no exception. Tonight Oprah is hosting “WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE??”:

AV club reports:

will simulcast on OWN and across all of Discovery’s 18 other U.S. networks… It will also stream for free on the Watch OWN and Discovery Family TVE apps, as well as OWN’s YoutubeFacebook and Instagram channels and be available on Discovery’s global platforms in more than 200 countries and territories.

Imagine the POWER it takes to get your show simulcasted on all 19 Discovery owned channels. I could just picture the secretary at Discovery telling the CEO “Oprah’s on the line, and she’s PISSED!”

CEO picks up phone: “Oh hi Miss Winfrey, great to hear from you.”

Oprah: “Cut the crap. What’s this about my discussion only being broadcast on my cable network. I want the biggest audience possible so it needs to broadcast on ALL your channels”

CEO: “But, but the people watching the food network tune in to see food. We can’t just broadcast Oprah, that’s not how it works”

Oprah: “That’s how THIS will work.”

CEO: “Yes Mam!”

I assume you can watch it below when it starts tonight:

part 2: