The 20th century has been a period of great social change. Feminism, civil rights, gay rights, affirmative action, mass immigration, rock and roll, hip-hop, the welfare state, transgender people, secularism etc.

At first I thought all these changes were a sign of the Flynn effect. Better nutrition was increasing brain size, thus creating a smarter and thus more open-minded and tolerant society. However the rise in intelligence (and its correlation with social views) is way too small to explain such massive changes, especially since the Flynn effect has more to do with spatial ability than social and moral reasoning.

I then considered the Mug of Pee/Chomsky theory: Elites are focusing on identity politics as a divide and conquer strategy to keep the working class from uniting against the gazillionaires. But that theory failed to explain why this massive social change had occurred primarily in Western late 20th century environments. The rich have been thwarting the working class everywhere and always.

Finally I was forced to consider the alt-right theory that this massive social change is a deliberate attempt to replace whites with non-whites. I’m not normally one to indulge in conspiracy theories, but when a single theory unifies so many disparate facts, Occam’s razor demands we consider it.

When one looks at all the social changes of the last 50 years, what they all seem to have in common is the subversion of white population growth. Feminism gave white women careers, making them much less likely to have white babies. Civil rights, hip-hop, rock ‘n’ roll, and affirmative action increased the sexual market value of black men at the expense of white men, thus decreasing white male fertility.

The rise of gays, transgender people and securlarism gave millions of whites permission to abandon a traditional family lifestyle, thus damaging their genetic fitness.

Meanwhile, the welfare state encouraged poor women (who tend to be non-white) to have more children and mass immigration spread non-white genes into traditionally white countries.

But why would elites want to subvert white population growth? Perhaps because elites were persecuted by whites during Nazi Germany, and thus see them as a threat. Once these survivors of Hitler’s regime migrated to America as poor refugees, they used their high verbal IQs to achieve media and academic power and the wealth to buy politicians. But still lacking the power to challenge white dominance directly, they took the more subtle approach of changing the culture.