smarter, more beautiful & less autistic? East Asians have some wondering whether evolution is progressive

I used to think East Asians were more autistic than other races, but new research begs to differ:

Mongoloids occupy a higher branch on the evolutionary tree than the other two races (Caucasoids & Blacks) and sadly, might be more evolved than the rest of us.

from left to right: capoid blacks, congoid blacks, caucaoids, non-african blacks, mongoloids

You might say, if East Asians are more evolved, why did most of the great inventions come from whites?

Perhaps the answer is because Caucasoids branched off the evolutionary tree first, they’ve had much more time to advance technologically. Caucasoid skulls appear in the fossil record 35 kya while Mongoloid skulls don’t appear until 11 kya, so Caucasoids have had a 24,000 year head start.