Since Michelle Obama has become First Lady, Oprah has interviewed her perhaps half a dozen times.  Even though Oprah campaigned for the Obamas back in 2007 at a critical time, Oprah NEVER demands that they repay the favour by being interviewed because Oprah seems to consider the Obamas sacred, describing the President as a brilliant black man and the First Lady as a RADIANTLY brilliant black woman.

“I have a rule,” she once explained on her cable network OWN. “I never use my friendship with the Obamas for ANYTHING!”


Oprah has a reverential worshipful attitude towards blacks she considers brilliant, eloquent, and historic.  When she bought the movie rights to Nobel prize winning Toni Morrison’s book Beloved, she told her agent to give Morrison however much money she wanted.


“That’s not how it works,” explained the agent.

“That’s how this will work,” explained Oprah.

Oprah’s razor sharp business instincts fly out the window when she is dealing with historic blacks who she worships like Gods.  So she wouldn’t dream of disrespecting Morrison by negotiating the value of her divine work of literary art, and she wouldn’t dream of disrespecting the First Lady by demanding favours be returned.

Indeed so great is the reverence Oprah has for the First Lady that she is one of only three people in history who Oprah has allowed to share the cover with her on O magazine:

So what is the First Lady’s IQ?

Average IQ of super tall blacks who are best friends or spouses of brilliant blacks: 120

Although First Lady Michelle Obama is black, and these tend to score low on IQ tests, Michelle shows two major signs of intelligence.  She has a brilliant husband, and she’s super tall.  Both the IQ of one’s spouse and one’s own height are positively correlated with IQ.

Michelle Obama has so much in common with morning host Gayle King Bumpus.  Both are famous for their close relationship with a brilliant historic black.  Michelle is the wife of America’s first black president, and Gayle is best friends with North America’s first multi-billionaire black (Oprah).

In addition, both Michelle and Gayle are extremely tall black women.

Gayle is a 5’10” female black boomer with a 140 IQ best friend, and statistics show such people tend to have IQs around 120.  Similarly, Michelle is a 5’11” female black boomer with a 135+ IQ husband, so statistics would predict that she too likely has an IQ around 120.


Separated at birth?  Gayle & Michelle are both super tall sidekicks of historic brilliant blacks

A minimum IQ of 114

Individuals don’t always fit the demographic expectation so it’s useful to look at some other evidence.  Michelle Obama claims to have skipped the second grade.  Skipping a grade is a rare and huge achievement that not many people can claim. It suggests that age seven, Michelle was intellectually functioning like at least an eight year old, and thus was mentally developing at 114% the normal rate, implying a ratio IQ of 114 (ratio IQs are valid within the range of IQ 70 to 130, but tend to give silly results beyond those limits).

It should be noted that IQ 114 is a very conservative estimate for Michelle because grade skipping is very rare even for people with IQs above 114, so 114 should be considered the MINIMUM IQ Michelle could have.

A maximum IQ of 122

What is the MAXIMUM IQ Michelle could have?  Here too we have some evidence, thanks to Michelle’s great honesty.  She is famously quoted as saying:

If my future were determined just by my performance on a standardized test, I wouldn’t be here. I guarantee you that.

According to CBS News, when Michelle was growing up, she was never a great standardized test-taker, but because of Straight-A grades and a strong essay  she ended up attending Princeton University.  It is so great that Michelle admitted this, because she gives hopes to so many millions of blacks who also don’t score high on standardized tests, that they too can some day shine as brightly as the First Lady.

More evidence for Michelle Obama’s IQ comes from her Princeton thesis which was made public and has been generally panned. Most cruel was Christopher Hitchens who said:

To describe [the thesis] as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be ‘read’ at all, in the strict sense of the verb.  This is because it wasn’t written in any known language.

So based on her self-proclaimed unimpressive test scores and based on the bad reviews of her Princeton thesis, it seems safe to say Michelle’s IQ is lower than the average Ivy League student.  Since the average Ivy League undergrad has an IQ of around 122 (when measured on tests NOT used to select them), then 122 seems like the maximum IQ Michelle could have.

Split the difference: IQ of about 120

With a maximum IQ of 122 and a minimum IQ of 114, an IQ just under 120 sounds like a reasonable guess for Michelle Obama.

Although IQ 120 is a bit below the Ivy League average, it is still higher than 99% of black America and higher than 90% of white America.  An IQ of 120, especially when combined with charisma and outstanding character, more than explains why Michelle is so admired by so many.

A friend indeed

As the Queen of All Media, Oprah understood better than anyone that powerful people are constantly burdened by those who want to use them for something, so as mentioned above, she very shrewdly decided to never use the Obamas for ANYTHING.  Over the years, the Obamas may have realized that Oprah, who campaigned for them long before anyone thought they had a chance of reaching the white house, was one of their very few true fiends.  This may help explain why Oprah was recently invited to the white house to have a special conversation with Michelle.

The moral of the story is that if you want a good friend, be a good friend.  And don’t force yourself on people.  Just show that you are welcoming, and wait for them to invite you: