My hero Bernie Sanders, who towers as the most admired Jewish man in the entire World, emerged as the star of the Democratic convention this evening.  When he came out to speak, the crowd went wild, cheering so long and so loud, that it looked like he’d never be able to speak.

As the camera panned the crowd, so many people were crying at the mere sight of Bernie.  Crying about what could have been.  Grieving for a President who should have been.  Looking out at all his screaming fans, Sanders himself almost lost composure and started crying himself.

The contrast between the enthusiasm for Sanders and the tepid response to the Elizabeth Warren speech he followed was stark.  Warren was even heckled by protesters who shouted “we trusted you”.

Many on the progressive left had hoped Elizabeth Warren would have dived in and challenged Hillary for the Democratic nomination.  When she was too scared to do so, they had hoped she would at least endorse Bernie Sanders, who was a much better fit with her progressive values than Hillary is.  But sadly, either because of jealousy or political opportunism, she refused to back anyone, and her silence cost Bernie the nomination.

Once Hillary secured the nomination, Warren then endorsed Hillary and emerged as an extreme attack dog against Donald Trump, shaming him for acquiring his wealth through inheritance and cheating others.

I actually find Warren, who shakes and trembles as she delivers her scathing anti-Trump tirades to be quite unintentionally comical, and ask, where is Saturday Night Live to impersonate this clown?  But alas, they’re in the tank for Hillary, so no mocking her supporters.

But it’s easy for Warren, as a Democrat, to attack Trump.  The real courage would have been in supporting Bernie over Hillary.  Where was she when we needed her?