With their towering average IQ of 110 (white norms) and their incredible overrepresentation among billionaires and media, I had always assumed American Jews were the smartest ethnic group on Earth.  But I recently discovered that the Singapore Chinese have them beat, with a breathtaking average IQ of 114.

This may help explain why Singapore has been called the World’s greatest city with spectacular architecture.


Despite the incredible financial and media achievements of American Jews, it makes sense that the Singapore Chinese would be even smarter, because as accomplished as Jews are, at the end of the day, they’re still Caucasoids, and this puts a genetic ceiling on how smart they can be.   Despite milenia of selection for higher intelligence in the Ashkenazi community, they eventually just hit a genetic wall, much like thoroughbread horse breading reached a genetic wall in the 1970s, where no horse could exceed Secretariat’s speed (as commenter Mugabe noted).

There’s only so fast a horse can be, and there’s only so smart a Caucasoid can be (on average) before genetic diseases and side-effects loom large.

To get beyond these limits, you need a reshuffling of the genetic deck.  A massive mutation like change, transforming a horse into a cheetah, transforming a Caucasoid into a Mongoloid.

According to scholar J.P. Rushton, the Mongoloids branched off the Caucasoids tens of thousands of years ago in a new and improved form.

“One theoretical possibility,” said Rushton, “is that evolution is progressive, and some populations are more advanced than others.”

Things get better over time.  Mongoloids are humanity’s final draft.  The newest, latest model, in a long line of revisions.  The ultimate triumph of trial and error.  To paraphrase Martin Luther King, the arch of evolution is long, but bends towards perfection.

Overall the Mongoloid ethnic groups range from IQ 86 (Native Americans) to IQ 114 (Singapore Chinese) suggesting a global mean IQ of around 100.

Meanwhile the Caucasoid ethnic groups range from IQ 68 (gypsies) to IQ 110 (American Jews), suggesting a global mean IQ of around 89.

The first and oldest human race are the Negroids, and their IQs reflect their archaic origin.  Their ethnic groups range from about IQ 51 (Bushmen and pygmies) to about IQ 93 (Black British), suggesting a global mean of around IQ 72.

The enormous IQ range, even within macro-racial groups, suggests both genetic and environmental causes.