Do you remember your first crush?  Mine was a teenaged girl who lived down the street (we’ll call her Sarah-not her real name).  I was only four-years-old, and she was a teenager who would sometimes babysit me.  She was the stereotypical 80s girl.  I was always picking dandelions to give her and tagging along when she would hang out with her teenaged friends.  Those were innocent times in the idyllic suburbs, long before the internet and the war on terror.

There was a group that was wildly popular with many of the teenagers in the 1980s.  Their name was Twisted Sister.

It seemed everyone just loved them.  Well everyone except Sarah, who was too preppy and innocent for that heavy metal music.

One day Sarah went to a night club, and the night club had a surprise.  They had landed as their guests for the evening, the one, the only Twisted Sister!


The crowd went wild.  People were singing along, screaming, getting out of their seat and dancing.  It was total pandemonium.

Except for Sarah.  She just sat there at a table by herself in the back of the room, looking completely unenthused.

When the music stopped, and the show ended, everyone began leaving the night club, incredibly stoked by the exhilarating show.

Except for Sarah.  She just sat there at her table with her cigarette (you could smoke in night clubs in those days) completely unimpressed by the show that everyone else had loved so much.

Once everyone left the night club, Sarah just sat there…

In the dark…

Now this is where the story gets really scary.

Apparently Twisted Sister could see her.  They could see her the whole time, while they were up there singing.  They could see that everyone in the room was rocking out to their music except for her.

And even more frightening, they were still there…


What happened next would be Sarah’s deep dark secret.

A shame she would live with for decades.

According to Sarah (and I was told this second hand from someone I trust), after everyone left and Sarah was virtually alone in the nightclub, Twisted Sister came barging out of the backroom and confronted her.

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“You gotta FUCKING problem?  You think you’re too good for our music?”, they said, or said something to that effect.

“It’s just not my kind of music,” she explained.

And then, the lead singer of the group, allegedly spit on her.