So last night on Fox news, Bill O’Reilly advanced the thesis that President Obama has emotional ties to Islam and this influences his foreign policy.

If you believe in ethnic genetic interests, at first glance this makes no sense because Islam is not a race, although it does tend to correlate with dark Caucasoid ancestry.  Nonetheless, Obama is not a dark Caucasoid or an Arab, despite what this McCain supporter famously claimed:

However I believe ethnic genetic interests work through proxies, like appearance and culture.  If Obama grew up exposed to Muslim cultures, and if his mixed race background gave him a vaguely Arab appearance, then his genes might essentially be tricked into thinking he’s a dark Caucasoid, and thus feeling compassion for Arabs, even though intellectually he knows he’s not.

But has Obama advanced Arab genetic interests?  According to Canadian blogger Brandon Martinez, the notion that Obama is pro-Muslim is idiotic:

So either:

Obama has no special sympathies for the Muslim world and claims to the contrary are just neocon propaganda

Obama does have sympathies for the Muslim World, but is being tricked by his advisors

Obama has sympathies for the Muslim World, but faces so much opposition, that there’s very little he can do for them.