I am trying to make a list of the 100 most influential people on the planet.  Time magazine already has such a list of course, but their list is so absurdly politically correct and celebrity focused that I feel there is a need for a much better list.  Forbes publishes a list of the most powerful people in the World, but as Condi Rice once said, power means nothing unless you can turn it into influence.  So I am trying to create a list of people who have actually had an impact; people without whom the World would be a very different place.  It could be a good impact or a bad impact.

My list is inspired by Michael Hart’s list The 100, except his was the most influential people of all time.  This list is going to be The Living 100: The 100 most influential LIVING people of all time.  But I have to hurry up, because a lot of the people on my list are quite old and could die any day now.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section about who should be included and why. They can live in any country, work in any field, be famous or obscure, good or evil; the only criteria is that they’ve had a huge influence and that they’re still alive.