I find it interesting that Britain voted to leave the European Union even though it caused their pound to hit its lowest value in 50 years.

This shows that at least for non-college educated Northwestern Europeans, ethnic genetic interests trump financial interests.

But because high IQ people tend to be liberal,  high IQ Northwestern Europeans often support mass immigration.

But unfortunately, extremely high IQ whites like J.P. Rushton allegedly questioned whether immigration was really motivated by liberal goals, or whether that’s just propaganda.

Meanwhile commenter Mikey Blayze wrote:

I’ve spent the last…3 years Struggling to attain reproductive success. If evolutionary psychology and by extension this blog didn’t exist I wouldn’t be a Father.

Wow, human life is going to exist because of my blog!  This is an example of me advancing my genetic interests.  The fact that Mikey is influenced by my blog, shows his personality is similar to mine.  Since personality is incredibly polygenetic, he must be genetically similar to me (regardless of his racial background).  Thus, the fact that he is having kids, shows the human gene pool is a tiny bit more genetically similar to me than it would have been had I not started this blog.  I have cleverly increased my genetic fitness, without the financial and stress burden of becoming a father myself, although I now have enough money to raise 10 kids.

Genetic interests can operate on multiple levels, not ethnic only.  Indeed interracial couples and interracial friends tend to be even more similar, to negate the fact that they are racially different.

If I were to survey my readers, I would find that although we are all very different races, on average they are similar to me, and further, they would be most similar on the most heritable traits.

So be fruitful and multiply my little pumpkin heads!