Commenter Mikey Blayze wants me to post about the dark side of ethnic genetic interests.  I think we saw a recent example of that with the mass shooting that occurred this weekend.  I was thinking about posting about that, but I can’t bring myself to watch the news.  When I heard about the shooting, I couldn’t even get out of bed, thinking about all those dead and wounded people and their families.

I spent Sunday evening trying to watch anything other than the news and I stumbled upon the 70th annual Tony Awards.

Generally speaking, high IQ people tend to be fans of the arts, so it came as no surprise to see arguably the biggest brained and most successful woman on the planet, multi-billionaire Oprah, dominating the event.  At one moment, she maternally put her arm around a smaller brained performer, and the contrast was graphic!


The difference in brain size was so enormous, the younger woman’s brain could fit into Oprah’s cranium several times!


It was so inspiring to see Oprah mentor this younger black performer, who will learn from the wisdom of her big brained elder.  And by sharing this wisdom with a member of her race, Oprah advances her ethnic genetic interests.

Speaking of ethnic genetic interests, when Barbara Streisand walked onto the stage, the crowd went wild, giving her a standing ovation.  The seemingly gay host of the event feigned as asthma attack for comic effect, as if to say, “Barbara is such a big star, I can’t even breath.”.  My housekeeper asked, “why are they giving her a standing ovation?”

“Well, you know they’re Broadway people so they admire Barbara for her singing talent,” I explained.

But the real reason was much deeper.  Many in the crowd were Jewish, and they beamed with pride that one of their own, was such a legendary iconic singer.  The emotion became so overwhelming they had to get out of their seats.

2016 Tony Awards - Show

Streisand is loved by all races, but Jewish Americans hold a special place in their heart for her.