The recent controversy where Trump claimed a judge could not be fair to him because Trump wants a wall separating Mexico and the judge is Hispanic, shows Trump has an intuitive grasp of ethnic genetic interests.  He may not understand the biological theory behind it, but as someone with a high social IQ, he has an intuitive grasp of human nature.  Astute politicians through history have always understood ethnic interests, but because there’s a lot of autism in the HBD-o-sphere, the idea is controversial, even among the politically incorrect.

Autistics often reject the idea of ethnic interests for two reasons: 1) they lack Theory of Mind which makes it difficult to understand human behavior, and 2) because the social part of their brain is impaired, they do not have the same tribal instincts that normal people have.  This may help explain why extremely powerful suspected autistic whites are more generous to other races (Bill Gates and Angela Merkel) or more likely to marry outside their race (Zuckerberg).

By contrast leaders and billionaires with well developed social brains are more tribal (Oprah campaigned very early for the first black president, poured millions into educating black Africans and black Americans, and just today gave a million dollars to homeless women, who are largely black).

At the same time, I object to Trump’s bullying of Hispanics, who I love, because not only do they make the best food, but they’re the only demographic that loves horror films as much as I do!

Meanwhile the media is going ballistic over Trump implying that one’s race prevents them from being objective.  Because the U.S. media tends to be of Ashkenazi ancestry, they are perhaps understandably worried that if Trump can accuse a judge of having a pro-Mexico bias just because he’s Hispanic, then anti-Semites might accuse Jewish journalists of having a pro-Israel bias.

Trump’s strategy of bullying Hispanics might be seen as politically and genetically smart (though morally dumb) in the Republican primary, but now that he’s in a general election, can he adapt by broadening his appeal?  Based on the photo below, his cranial capacity seems much smaller than my hero Bernie Sanders’s, and if Trump has packed such big social savvy into a small head, there might not be room for other parts of intelligence such as long-term strategy:


picture taken from MSNBC special