Commenter jeanbedelbokassa wrote:

One of Jensen’s early observations was that very low-IQ black and Hispanic children had similar motor skills, verbal articulacy, social savvy, and ability to learn playground games as higher-IQ kids (of either ethnicity); low-IQ middle class white kids did not (they appeared and seemed retarded outside of the classroom). These indices of everyday intelligence just don’t relate very well to IQ (though some others do, of course). Maybe IQ doesn’t measure “the cognitive ability to adapt” all that well after all…

Playground games not withstanding, I actually think IQ does a very good job measuring the mental ability to adapt: to take whatever situation you’re in and turn it around to your advantage.  This is evidenced by the fact that IQ has a positive correlation with virtually every positive life outcome (income, occupation, life span) and a negative correlation with virtually every negative life outcome (incarceration, divorce, infant mortality, alcoholism, smoking, weight/height ratio).

Evidence continues to accumulate showing that the correlation between IQ and income is much higher than typically reported, and the correlation between IQ and occupation status might be a stratospheric 0.7 (about as high as two IQ tests correlate with one another).

When you look at people who have turned life to their disadvantage by losing all their money or freedom (i.e. the homeless and the incarcerated), they average disasterously low IQs (the homeless mean is about 80).  Meanwhile, when you look at the people who have turned the situation around to their advantage to the point of having tens of billions of dollars, they tend to average spectacular IQs, perhaps above 150!

Further, when you look at the races with the lowest IQs (i.e. bushmen, pygmies, autstralian aboriginals), they tend to be the most poor, powerless and exploited, suffering every day.  Indeed what we find is that each race tends to exploit the race below it on the IQ ladder.  So pygmies are exploited by mainstream blacks.  Mainstream blacks were historically exploited by whites and dark caucasoids.  Meanwhile whites and dark caucasoids are exploited by Ashkenazi Jews.

The fact that high IQ races take advantage of lower IQ races shows that IQ tests measure the adaptive ability to turn situations around to your advantage.

This is not to imply that intelligence is evil, but sadly, most humans of all races are evil, so they use their intelligence to profit at the expense of others.  In fact this is by far the most common use of it. Only at the very highest levels of intelligence do we see truly enlightened individuals who create mutually beneficial environments, but such people are so rare as to be almost irrelevant.

Of course critics could always argue I have the causation backwards.  It’s not that high IQ folks are good turning situations to their advantage, but rather, that those with advantages do well on IQ tests.