Billionaire Sheldon Adelson has recently announced his plans to pour an astonishing $100 million of his own hard earned money into Donald Trump’s campaign and is arranging a trip for Trump to visit Israel before the convention.  From a genetic perspective, this is a very adaptive move by Adelson because this will put even more pressure on Trump to support Israel and Israel contains millions of copies of Adelson’s genes, so what’s good for Israel is good for Adelson’s genetic fitness.


This is also great news for Trump because the U.S. media, which influences elections, is largely Jewish and this increases Trump’s pro-Israel credentials.  Further, because Trump’s benefactor is pro-Israel, the media will not call Trump out on his hypocrisy in taking money after mocking other candidates for doing the same.

However Trump’s white nationalist supporters like David Duke will not be happy about this, but what are they going to do?  Vote for Hillary?  She too is supported by pro-Israel billionaires like Haim Saban, indeed most of the influential pro-Israel Americans prefer Hillary,  Adelson is the exception.  Because Ashkenazi Americans are 13 IQ points smarter than the rest of America, they have brilliantly adapted the situation to their advantage so that no matter who gets elected, Israel will be a huge priority.


Most people think the rich are only motivated by financial interests and they want you to think that, but it’s impossible to make sense of the World without understanding ethnic genetic interests.

There was a time in Western countries, up until about the 19th century, when the rich were more genetically fit because they had more surviving offspring.  That’s no longer noticeably the case, but increasing the rich are more genetically fit because they are able to help their race.  It’s mostly Jews who are smart enough to do this, but in rare cases, even blacks can do the same.  For example our very own Afrosapiens does so on a very small scale by arguing tirelessly in favour of his people on this blog and others, but the freakishly big brained Oprah has the genius to do so on a HUGE scale. She was influential enough to elect America’s first black president, who obtained life saving health care for millions of working blacks and gave the black race unprecedented levels of dignity and respect around the World:

Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey

According to two economists, Oprah’s endorsement netted Obama a million votes in the 2008 Democratic primary, thus playing the decisive role

Meanwhile Oprah pours her own hard earned money into sending African American men to college and building schools for the best and brightest black girls in Africa.