One of the most terrifying legacies of the Clinton administration is free trade.  Major companies realized that they don’t have to pay Americans liveable wages to do unskilled work, they can just migrate to Third World countries and find workers who will do the same job for much less pay.  As a result, small towns with lots of low skill workers are being economically devastated, first because there are no longer jobs for those with lower IQs, but second, when the economy tanks, almost everyone with higher IQ leaves, draining the towns of their human capital.  In extreme cases, you can end up with an entire American town where the average IQ is in in the mentally retarded range.

This is kind of what happens in the 2006 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-The Beginning.  In that film, a small Texas town is devastated when the local meat plant is condemned and everyone with an IQ above 70 leaves the town, leaving only Leatherface and his family.

Texas Town dies, screams the headline of the local paper.

Leatherface is a Trainable (moderately) Retarded man (I estimate his IQ to be in the 40s), whose only talent is cutting meat.  If you watch the terrifying start of the film (the entire movie is on youtube below), you’ll see that Leatherface is in denial that the meat plant he works at has closed.  He keeps violently chopping meat, long after the other employees go home.

“Tell that oversized retard to go home” screams management at his assistant.  The assistant nervously and gently tries to convince Leatherface it’s time to leave.  When Leatherface ignores him, he panics and calls Leatherface a dumb animal.

After Leatherface kills the assistant, he goes up to management’s office.  Management informs Leatherface that him and his family are the only ones stupid enough to still be in that town.

You can watch the entire movie for free below, but do not watch if you are under 21, and I highly recommend watching on a big screen TV (not your computer).