1992 mug shot after being charged with killing infant son

In a heartbreaking case, a functionally illiterate man named Jay Procopio was arrested in 1992 for causing the death of his infant son.  The man simply wanted the baby to stop crying and the best solution he could think of was to throw him on the floor which killed him.

Tragically, this underscores that intelligence is the mental ability to adapt: to take whatever situation you’re in and turn it around to your advantage.  The situation was to his disadvantage (crying baby), but instead of turning it around to his advantage by soothing and comforting the baby into silence, he killed the baby he loved and spent decades in jail. So what started as a small passing disadvantage (crying baby) turned into a lifelong disadvantage on an epic scale: the opposite of adaptive behavior.

Of course it’s possible that a high IQ person, even an extremely high IQ person, could have done the same thing.  One could imagine someone with an IQ of 150 who was so enraged by the sound of a crying baby, he could not resist the impulse to react violently, but in that case, it would be an example not of maladaptive behavior per se, but of an adaptive response to incredibly maladaptive emotions (uncontrollable rage).

In 1992, a doctor evaluated Procopio and concluded that although he was “defective”, he was competent to stand trial, but in 2014, he was tested at Bridgewater state hospital and clocked in at IQ 47.  Even this figure might be an overestimate because he was likely tested on the WAIS-IV which was normed in 2006, suggesting his IQ should probably be reduced to 45.  In addition, the WAIS-IV was normed on all Americans, and thus gives higher scores than traditional tests normed on only whites. Converting to white norms would reduce his IQ from 45 to 40.  And even this might be an overestimate because the WAIS-IV suffers from floor bumping which is when people with extremely low ability can not score as low as they should because there are not enough easy items on the test.

Only one in 30,000 biologically normal whites has an IQ of 40 or lower. An IQ of 40 is at the bottom end of the Trainable (moderate) Retardation level (IQ 30-49) which is one step below the Educable (mild) Retardation level (IQ 50 – 69).  Historically, the former were called “imbeciles” and the latter were called “morons”). Tests like the Wechsler do not even pretend to measure below 30-49.  People below 30 are sometimes labelled with Totally Dependent (severe) Retardation, and were historically known as “idiots”.

Assuming Procopio really does have an IQ of 40, and was not, somehow, feigning less ability to avoid culpability, it is interesting that he was able to start a family with not, one, but two kids (one of whom was killed).

Assuming his retardation is familial, and not organinc, the expected IQ of the offspring of an IQ 40 father is 0.45(40 – 100) + 100 = 73, and if one believes the HBD narrative that family environment becomes irrelevant by adulthood, the same IQ is expected regardless of whether the father raises the baby or not. Although tragically in this case, Procopio allegedly shook his daughter when she was a baby causing bleeding on the brain, and this may be the kind family environmental trauma that lasts a lifetime.