Pumpkin Person rating: 8/10


In honor of Mother’s Day, I though I would blog about the horror film Mother’s Day released in 1980, not to be confused with the uninspired 2010 remake by the same name.   The film is about a demented old lady who lives in a shack in the woods with her two mentally retarded sons, who brutalize unsuspecting campers to their mother’s delight.

The expected IQ of the mother of an IQ 60 son would be 82, but the expected IQ of a mother with two IQ 60 sons would be 76.  This of course assumes the sons’ retardation is familial and non-organic, which it was.  If the sons’ retardation was organic, she could could have three retarded sons in a row and her expected IQ would stay 100.

My hero Roger Ebert famously gave this film zero stars, condemning it’s vile sadism.  But today Mother’s Day is a cult classic.  A hidden gem.

I haven’t seen this movie since I was about 11 years old (I’m now in my 30s) but I remember it fondly and want to watch it again.

It is more than a horror film.  It’s also a poignant story about friendship.  The film starts three women who bonded in college and reunite years later and go camping in the woods and remember the good old days over the camp fire.  It is these women who are eventually stalked by the film’s villains.

You can watch this film on YouTube here, or the you can watch it in French here however please don’t watch it on your computer screen.  This film deserves to be watched on a big screen TV, so if you’re adaptable enough to do so, hook up your internet connection to your television before watching.

And please do not watch this film if you are under 21 because there is brutal violence, nudity, and sexually explicit content.

Mother’s Day is old school 80s horror at its best.

Vintage horror.

They don’t make horror like this anymore, and couldn’t if they tried.

Watch it with your mother. 🙂