Pumpkin Person rating: 8/10

Commenter “Anonymous” wanted me to post more about horror and this blog originally started out as a horror blog.

I recently got Netflix, and while I’m disappointment by the limited selection of horror films, I stumbled upon one of the scariest movies I have ever seen.

It’s called Creep, (directed by directed by Patrick Brice) and it will make your skin crawl.

I normally hate found footage movies.  I think they’re a cheap and amateurish way for filmmakers to save money by sacrificing quality, and I never would have watched this film had I known it was of the found footage sub-genre.

However in this film, the found footage style works all too well.

This movie is quite an amazing achievement. It looks like one of the lowest budget films I’ve ever seen.  It only consists of two characters and a few locations.

And yet I’d rank it as one of the five scariest movies of all time.

Hardcore slasher fans will be disappointed by the almost complete lack of violence.

The key word is “almost”.

This is a psychological thriller par excellence.

Do not let your kids watch this under any circumstances.  It is deeply disturbing and it is sick and evil.

And the scariest part is that big black wolf mask one of the two characters puts on.  Good lord that thing is creepy, and will haunt me in my dreams.