Below is an interesting debate between Christopher Hedges and Dinesh D’Souza.  What makes this discussion good is that instead of being the standard clash between a pro-Obama liberal and an anti-Obama conservative, it’s a debate between two political extremes who hate Obama for almost diametrically opposed reasons.

D’Souza attacks Obama for favoring the Third World over America and Israel while Hedges dismisses D’Souza’s attack as racist nonsense, and instead attacks Obama for being a puppet of corporate interests.

The most fascinating part is when Hedges essentially shames D’Souza for betraying his ethnic genetic interests.  In other words, as a man of Third World ancestry, D’Souza should not be siding with colonial powers.  Hedges calls this a pathetic display because no matter how much Third World people try to suck up to the WASP elite, they will always be hated by them (minority HBDers have endured similar criticism).

However Hedges is also betraying his ethnic genetic interests by supporting Third Worlders, however because Third Worlders are the underdogs, Hedges’s racial treason is charitable and morally pristine and thus correlated with high global IQ.

However Hedges, despite his overall brilliance, lacks the social IQ to realize that the WASP aristocrats that he attacks yet brags about growing up among, are no longer America’s ruling class, so one could argue that both Hedges and D’Souza are puppets of the elite, the difference is D’Souza knows it, while Hedges actually believes he’s a liberal because he attacks corporate America.

Hedges strikes me as a disciple of the great Noam Chomsky, but Chomsky is not a true leftist, but a brilliant proponent of his own ethnic genetic interests, cleverly subverting antisemitism on the political left, and replacing it with anti-Americanism and anti-corporatism.  Controlled opposition is probably how Chomsky would describe himself if he were being entirely candid.  The fact that Chomsky’s leftist audience never catches on is both a testament to their naivety and to Chomsky’s manipulative skills.

It’s interesting that D’Souza was prosecuted after making his anti-Obama film and he believes it was selective prosecution, caused by angering the President himself.  But you would think Obama would be secretly happy about D’Souza’s narrative because it portrays him as anti-Uncle Tom, defending his Third World genetic interests against colonial powers.  From a liberal perspective, you can’t ask for a better legacy.