I promised I was going to estimate the IQ of Ann Coulter, among many other people, so today I will do a post on her.  Coulter is an evangelical Christian who gained attention by pushing the envelope with provocative rhetoric that some considered racist and Islamophobic. With each ethnically and racially offensive comment, Coulter’s status only grew.  In an era of extreme political correctness, many admired Coulter’s genius for making “racist” comments and always getting away it,though she did finally spark media outrage when she made a provocative comment about Jews, or rather the tendency of Republican politicians to pander to them.

“Well, Ann Coulter just lost my vote” tweeted eminent journalist Jeffrey Golberg.

It remains to be seen if Coulter can bounce back from this controversy, or perhaps she’s now rich enough that she no longer cares.

Despite potentially losing status in mainstream circles, the ADL is very concerned about her surging popularity among white nationalists, who previously dismissed her as a dupe of pro-Israel neocons when she strongly supported the disastrous 2003 Iraq war.

So what is her IQ?

Normally when I estimate the IQ of a public figure, I focus on the cognitive correlates that are most salient for that particular person, but in Ann’s case, there are so many traits that indicate both high and low IQ, that I needed to use my comprehensive biodemographic formula, which I created with help from a Promethean many years ago, which has the following instructions, highlighted in blue:

Start by assuming an IQ of -1.251,

Ann begins with a default estimated IQ of -1.251


1. If subject graduated from elementary school, add 6.212 points

This raises Ann’s estimated IQ from -1.251 to 4.961

2. If subject graduated from high school, add another 6.212 points

This raises Ann’s estimated IQ from 4.961 to 11.173

3. If subject has a university degree, add another 6.212 points.

This raises Ann’s estimated IQ from 11.173 to 17.385

4. If subject has a graduate degree or attended an elite college or high school, add another 6.212 points.

This raises Ann’s estimated IQ from 17.385 to 23.597.

5. If subject both attended an elite college AND has a graduate degree, add yet another 6.212 points.

This raises Ann’s estimated IQ from 23.597 to 29.809

Head Size

6. Multiply subject’s cranial circumference (in inches) by 2.768 and add the resulting number of points.

In this picture, Ann’s cranium looks 14% longer than the man who interviewing her,


but, Ann’s head looks much narrower and shorter than the man she poses with here.  I am going to crudely guess her head is large for a woman, but no larger than that of an average American man of her generation: 22.37″.

If we multiply 22.37 by 2.768, we get 61.92.

This raises Ann’s estimated IQ from 29.809 to 91.729


7. Multiply subject’s height (in inches) by 0.418 and add the resulting number of points

According to IMDB, Ann Coulter is six feet tall which equates to 72 inches.  Multiplying this by 0.418 gives 30.096.  Adding this to 91.79 raises Ann’s IQ to 121.886.


8. Multiply subject’s weight (in pounds) by 0.0927 and subtract the resulting number of points

According to bodymeasurements.org, Ann is 145 lbs.  Multiplying this by 0.0927 gives 13.4415 points, and subtracting this from 121.886 reduces Ann’s IQ to 108.4445


9. If subject is less than half-black, add 2.666 points

Ann is less than half-black.  She adds 2.66 points to her estimated IQ of 108.445, raising it to 111.1045

10. If subject is less than a quarter black and less than a quarter Native American, add another 2.666 points

Ann is less than a quarter black.  She adds 2.66 points to her estimated IQ of 108.445, raising it to 111.1045

11. If subject is more than 75% Northeast Asian, or more than 50% Ashkenazi Jewish, add another 2.666 points

Ann does not appear to have Northeast Asian or Ashkenazi ancestry. Estimated IQ stays at 111.1045

12. If subject is more than 75% Ashkenazi Jewish, add yet another 2.666 points

Against, Ann does not appear to have Northeast Asian or Ashkenazi ancestry. Estimated IQ stays at 111.1045

Media preferences

13. Which of the following does subject most prefer for entertainment: a) fun TV shows like sitcoms, reality TV, game shows, sports, and popular talk shows, b) intellectual TV shows about science, history or politics, c) fun books like romance novel or thrillers, or d) intellectual books like literary novels or academic texts.  If subject prefers “a” add 0 points,  if subject prefers “b” add 3.451 points, if subject prefers “c”, add 6.902 points, and if subject prefers “d”, add 10.353 points.

Ann occassionally will tweet about the Republican debates or a comment she hears on MSNBC.  This tells me she likes political shows, so let’s add 3.451 points to her estimated IQ of 111.1045, raising her to 114.5555


14. If subject is male, subtract 5.1 points

Ann is not male, so her estimated IQ remains 114.5555.  Some people might wonder why males are penalized by this formula, when data shows men score as high, or higher than women on IQ tests.  One reason is that many other variables in this formula (i.e. head size, height, and income) are biased against women, so the penalty for being male is a statistical correction.


15. Multiply the number of figures in subject’s yearly pre-tax income by 1.869 and add the resulting number of points.  If subject is retired, use  peak earnings, adjusted for inflation. If much of subject’s earnings go into a business or if subject is too rich to have a conventional income, simply divide your individual net worth by ten to approximate yearly income.

Between her speaking fees and book sales, Ann probably averaged in the very high six figures during her peak earning years.

Six multiplied by 1.869 equals 11.214.  Adding this to her estimated IQ of 114.555, raises it to 125.769.


16. If subject believes in God, subtract 3.901 points.

Ann believes so strongly in God, she wrote a book called Godless, condemning liberals for their secularism. And so we must deduct 3.901 points from her estimated 125.769 IQ, reducing it to 121.868.

17.  If subject is a creationist who does not believe in evolution, subtract another 3.901 points.

Ann does not appear to believe in evolution, an even appears in a documentary attacking it.  Thus we subtract 3.901 points from her estimated IQ of 121.868, reducing it to 117.967

Political conservatism

18. Which of these U.S. political parties would subject most like to see in power: The Green party, the Democrats, or the Republicans? If you picked the Green party, subtract 0 points, if you picked the Democrats, subtract 3.405 points, and if you picked the Republicans, subtract 6.81 points.

Ann is a Republican, so we must subtract 6.81 points from her estimated IQ of 117.967, bringing her to 111.157.


19. If subject is an alcoholic, subtract 2.282 points

I could find no reliable evidence that Ann is an alcoholic, though she is known for drinking.  Her estimated IQ stays at 111.157


20. If subject is a smoker, subtract 2.282 points

According to answer.com, Coulter smokes, so we must deduct 2.282 points from her estimated IQ of 111.157, reducing her to 108.337.


21. Multiply the number of years subject’s been alive by 0.194 and add the resulting points

According to wikipedia, Ann is currently 54.  Thus we add 54(0.194) = 10.476 to her estimated IQ of 108.337, raising her to 118.813.

Some people might wonder why age is a factor in a formula predicting IQ, since IQ scores are known to be normed for age.  One reason is that many of the biodemographic variables are biased against older generations (i.e. head size, height, religious and political views), so an age bonus appears as a sort of statistical correction.

Birth Order

22. Multiply subject’s birth order by 0.885 and subtract the resulting points. So if subject is the third baby of subject’s biological mother, multiply 3 by 0.885 and thus subtract 2.655 points.

According to a diary at Daily Kos, Ann has two older brothers, making her third born, thus we must subtract 2.665 points from her estimated IQ, reducing her to 116.148.

And the IQ is…

23. Subtract 100 from all subject’s points

Subtracting 100 points from Ann’s estimated IQ of 116.148, reduces her to 16.148

24. Divide by 0.8

Dividing Ann’s estimated IQ of 16.148 by 0.8, raises her to 20.185

25. Add 100

Adding 100 to 20.185, raises Ann’s estimated IQ to 120.185

Is an estimated IQ of 120 plausible?

So my best guess for Ann’s IQ is about 120 (U.S. white norms), but this should be interpreted with caution because the biodemographic formula I used was based on data gathered mostly from Canadian men in their 30s (like myself) and has not been well researched in a wider range of range of demographics.

Secondly, many people suspect Ann is affecting her extreme views for shock value, indeed because so few smart and educated people believe in dumb things like creationism and the Iraq war, and these causes so desperately need an articulate cheer leader, the economic laws of supply and demand suggest a lucrative career for a smart person feigning support for seemingly dumb ideas.  If we were to discover for example, that Coulter is closet Democrat who secretly believes in evolution for example, that would raise her estimated IQ.

An estimated IQ of 120 is extremely high, making Ann smarter than 90% of white Americans, although it’s not especially high for someone who  repeatedly questions the IQs of those who did not attending Ivy League schools like she did:


I suspect Ann’s SAT scores would equate to an IQ much higher than even 120, but it should be noted that Ivy League grads often regress to the mean when they move from the SAT (which was used to select them) to an official IQ test like the WAIS, and it’s really the latter type of testing that the biodemographic formula was designed to predict.

It should also be noted that according to this source, an astonishing 40% of the high school grads in Ann’s hometown go on to attend elite colleges.  There’s no way IQ could be the primary explanation for why so many Ivy League grads come out of that town, unless the town was founded by Nobel prize winning physicists, and even then it would be a stretch, given regression to the mean in their kids.  Clearly, if that figure is valid, there’s something about Ann’s hometown  that causes people to overperform when it comes to getting into a good college.

But regardless of whether Ann is brilliant, or merely “very bright”, she is a talented and entertaining provocateur, who is increasingly seen by white activists as a hero to her race for fiercely defending her ethnic genetic interests against massive waves of immigration, and bringing such ideas into the mainstream, with books like Adios America.