President Obama, reflecting nostalgically on the 2007-2008 Democratic primary, recently praised Hillary to the media:

She had to do everything that I had to do, except, like Ginger Rogers, backwards in heels.  She had to wake up earlier than I did because she had to get her hair done. She had to, you know, handle all the expectations that were placed on her. She had a tougher job throughout that primary than I did.

Backwards in heels?  Is President Obama gay? 🙂 That’s a reason a gay man would give for supporting Hillary: “she does it backwards in heels, just like Ginger Rogers, baby!”.

Does President Obama realize gay men HATED him with a passion in 2007 because they were so pro-Hillary.  I would see them parading down the gay section of Ottawa (bank street) with their pro-Hillary buttons.  You mention Obama to these and they would say “Obama YUCK!”.  I was a huge Obama supporter so I asked one of these why he loved Hillary so much.

“It’s a gay thing, you wouldn’t understand,” he snapped.

“Try me,” I replied.

“Because she’s a diva who wont back down.”

Hillary is indeed a diva who wont back down, which is why in a World exclusive, speculated that Obama is TERRIFIED of Hillary, and shaking in his boots at the prospect of her becoming the next president.

So why is he now almost endorsing her?

In my opinion, and I have no direct evidence of this, Obama was instrumental in getting her embroiled in this whole email scandal, that the FBI is taking quite seriously, but Obama would look like a jerk if the public knew he was trying to sabotage the first female incipient president, so he’s feigning support for Hillary to have plausible deniability if her campaign is derailed. And a lot of pundits are falling for it including, sadly, my hero, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who is normally the sharpest political analyst in America.

Meanwhile gay men who attacked my candidate in 2007-2008, are also now attacking my bro Bernie Sanders.  Hillary’s gay attack dog David Brock has viciously accused this wonderful man of being a racist simply because his recent add included too many whites.

Brock was a hardcore right-wing wacko until he became so impressed by the Diva who wont back down, that he through his own party under the bus to become a Clinton shill, accusing prominent conservatives like Matt Drudge of being secretly gay.  Brock’s gay conservatism, and the gay conservatism he claims to have exposed in others, is consistent with my theory that conservatism is an evolutionary strategy for spreading gay genes.