Normally I don’t get involved in politics, but I must make an exception for the inspirational Bernie Sanders who has emerged as the most admired Jewish man in the entire World in the eyes of Americans:


Even though I admire the millionaires and billionaires who Bernie likes to vilify, the fraud and abuse on Wall Street is reprehensible, and most U.S. politicians are just puppets for the rich.  The U.S. desperately needs campaign finance reform.

Bernie also displays incredible integrity for a politician.  He’s had the same views for decades, he raises money from small individual contributions, not super PACs, he’s run a positive campaign refusing to exploit Hillary’s scandals, and despite being extremely pro-Israel, he opposed the Iraq war and supported the Iran nuclear deal.

However unlike Bernie, I don’t think massive economic inequality is inherently bad, and I disagree with his plans to make college less expensive.  How about making college less necessary?  Now that would be progress.