Lion of the Blogosphere posted about this shocking headline in the New York Daily News:


I’m not a supporter of Ted Cruz, I’m rooting for Bernie Sanders (the most admired Jewish man in America, and Wall Street’s worst nightmare), but this cover is so utterly obscene, it risks proving Cruz’s point about New York values being crude and disgusting.  Ever since 9/11 New York has had this attitude that they’re the heart and soul of America, but to millions of Americans in the heart land, not to mention millions of people around the World, New York is a vulgarity circus.   When many people think of New York values, they think of Howard Stern’s bathroom humor and Joe Pesci in Goodfellas

You would think New Yorkers would be humble about this, but when someone points it out to them they react with vitriol.

Ted Cruz scored nearly perfect on the LSAT, suggesting an IQ equivalent of nearly 150 (higher than any U.S. president in well over a century) and you can tell from watching him debate that he has an incredible working memory capacity and working memory speed (two traits highly related to IQ).

But ultimately, intelligence is the mental ability to adapt, so how does Cruz turn this around to his advantage?

He could say:

The elite liberal New York media can attack me all they want.  I’m honored that they hate me.  I’m running for real American values, not New York neocon values that got us into wars in the Middle East and push masturbation and bathroom humor into the homes of traditional families.  New York elites are a bunch of pretentious status whoring snobs, and regular New Yorkers are the kind of freaks you see on shows like Welcome Back, Kotter:


He could then start handing out bumper stickers and T-shirts that say “I hate New York and love Ted Cruz”.

And if he really wants to get under Trump’s skin, he could say :

I’m a super smart guy, and I can tell you, Donald Trump is the dumbest billionaire in America.  I can’t think of any billionaire in the country with a lower IQ, which is not surprising since he inherited much of his money rather than earning it like working Americans in the heart land.  In fact, is he a billionaire at all?

Trump prides himself in being both brilliant (a Wharton grad) and rich (a billionaire) so if Cruz attacked him in both areas, Trump would go absolutely ballistic, and Trump could be pressured to release confidential test scores and financial statements, putting him on the defensive.  This is exactly what Trump might do if he were running against himself.

However all of this would backfire unless Cruz could find a way to get to Trump’s right on immigration, which is the reason so many Republicans worship Trump.  If Cruz is as smart as his test scores imply, he would promise to cut down on legal immigration (which even Trump supports).

We know Ted Cruz has the brains to compete, but does he have the courage?

[Update January 16, 2016:  Blogger The Audacious Epigone argues in the comment section of this post that Trump only inherited 1% of his current net worth which Forbes puts at $4.5 billion; an estimate Epigone considers conservative]