Commenter Stetind asked the following question to commenter chartreuse (aka Jorge Videla/Robert Mugabe etc):

All joking aside, why are you so bitter, Jorge?

He did not answer the question, but the question will still be answered. The reason he is so bitter, in my humble opinion, is that he is essentially a white nationalist who views HBDers as basically useful idiots for the Jews and the Rich.

It may seem ironic that one would view HBD as a tool for the Jews since historically Jews like Franz Boas and Stephen Jay Gould were instrumental in successfully marginalizing HBD for over half a century, however that was before a new branch of HBD began proclaiming Jews superior, and it was also before Jews had overtook WASPs as the most powerful people in American society. HBD is seen by people like chartreuse as a tool for the powerful because it justifies their power as rooted in biology: The natural order of the things.

On top of that, he began studying math which made him disdainful of the simple “Phenotype = Genotype + Environment” model HBDers rely on.  How dare people with such low IQs be obsessed with IQ and judging the IQs of others, he must have thought.  This fueled his rage against HBDers.

At some point Chartreuse took the SAT and GRE and because he did extremely well on both tests, he convinced himself they are not only valid IQ tests, but the very best IQ tests in existence. This reinforced his political and scientific views: “I have high test scores therefore only I am smart enough to understand whatever topic I choose to blather on about. So go to hell if what you’re thinking is not right.”

However because he does not believe intelligence is mostly genetic, yet still needed to believe the SAT/GRE are excellent measures of intelligence, he convinced himself that intelligence is something that anyone can have if they think hard and read challenging books like Being and Time and the works of Karl Marx as he had. He began to see himself as a leader, someone put on this Earth to show other whites the true way, and came to the internet looking for followers.

Unfortunately he was horrified by what he found:  White nationalists were increasingly being converted to HBDers and were reading blogs written by Asians, Blacks and Jews.  This disgusted Chartreuse and he began lashing out against the bloggers.  He viewed Black HBDers as useful idiots of White Gentile HBDers who in-turn he viewed as useful idiots for Jews.  Black HBDers were Uncle Toms working for Uncle Toms, Chartreuse must have thought.  He also hated Asian HBDers because he regarded them as pushy and striving which only supported the wealthy Jewish power structure that Charteuse felt was oppressing his people.

After being banned from one blog after another, he finally came crawling back to me.  As a good (atheist) Christian, how could I turn him away?  But trouble lurked:  For starters, I was much more pro-rich than other HBDers which disgusted him from the outset.  On top of that, my constant praise for women and blacks did not bother him, but caused him to believe I am a non-white female, and if so, I was even more of an Uncle Tom, because as a woman and minority COMBINED, I should know better than to embrace a field like HBD which has historically marginalized non-whites and females.  His disdain for who he thinks I am increased exponentially.

Worse still, I believed that smart people get to the top by adapting their behavior to their advantage in everyday life.  To Chartreuse this was anathema.  He believed I was confusing the man-made world with the natural world,  a mistake which only serves the oppressive power structure he so despised.  He began to see me and other “Uncle Toms” as victims of mental slavery that he was on a mission to free:

Chartreuse believes that our man-made world is unlike the natural world in which we evolved.  Smart people don’t get ahead by adapting to the World, smart people get ahead only by adapting to the SAT, Chartreuse felt, which allows them to get into the right schools, which allows them to get to the top.  He believes that he was denied his rightful place at the top by elite schools who would not accept him despite his high SATs and the fact that I was pushing a different narrative caused his disdain for me to grow further.  I’m oversimplifying, but you get the idea.

SATs were the only thing meritocratic about modern society Chartreuse felt, and the fact that I live in a country that doesn’t even use admission tests for university disgusted him even further.

And then I did the unthinkable.  I began questioning the SAT itself as a valid measure of intelligence.

For Chartreuse, this was the final straw.  Not only did I seem to represent everything he hated, but I was actively challenging the very narrative he was so emotionally invested in.  It would be enough to drive anyone insane.

So to answer your question Stetind, that is why he’s so bitter.