In this fascinating video a man interviews a woman who states she has MMR (Mild Mental Retardation), also known as Educable Mental Retardation, which is typically diagnosed to people with IQs somewhere between 50-55 to 69, combined with real-world maladaptive behavior, though the precise diagnostic criteria would vary from state to state.  Educable Mild Mental Retardation is one level up from Trainable Moderate Mental Retardation.

In the video he praises her for being so upfront and nonchalant about her condition (Dude, I got the mental retardation) and then proceeds to give her a little impromptu intelligence test he seems to be making up off the cuff. The items are:

1. Who were the Wright Brothers?

2. Who was the first President of America?

3. Was the Civil War in 1860, 1820, or 1780?

4. What was the Civil War for?

5. Why do we Americans speak English?

6. Why do they speak Spanish in Mexico?

7. Why do they speak Portuguese in Portugal?

8. What’s the biggest country in the World?

9. How many moons does the Earth have?

10. Is the moon bigger or smaller than the Earth?

11. Is the moon as big as America, Seattle or Washington?

12. Is the sun bigger or smaller than the Earth?

13. If the Earth were my fingernail, would the sun be as big as the TV, the house, or Seattle?

14. When were Airplanes invented: World War II, World War I or the Civil War?

15. What’s 4 * 4?

16. What’s 16/4?

17. What’s 16 – 4?

She answers about 6 of the 17 questions correctly.