Because my last post on IQ and racial differences in wealth was unconvincing to many, I decided to do a simpler analysis.  Unfortunately, this analysis will leave far more questions than answers and contradicts my last post in important ways.

Scholar Richard Lynn uses a term called “Achievement Quotient” (AQ). For example, Jews are 2% of America, but 35.75% of the Forbes 400 richest Americans list, thus Jews have a Wealth AQ of 17.88 (because 35.75/2 = 17.88). Because Jews have an average IQ of 110 (way above the U.S. mean of 97), you’d expect them to have AQs above 1.0, but 17.88 is quite spectacular.

Using data cited by iconic blogger Steve Sailer, I calculated the Wealth AQ of every American racial group for which I have IQ data.

Blacks (average IQ 85): 0.25/13.6 = 0.0184
Native Americans (average IQ 86): 0/1 = 0.0
Hispanics (average IQ 89): 0.5/17.08 = 0.029
White Gentiles (average IQ 100): 58.5/59.6 = 0.98
East Asians (average IQ 104): 2/3.62 = 0.55
Indians: (average IQ 110): 1/0.9 = 1.11

Now when I correlate these racial Wealth AQs with the average IQ of each American racial group, I get a near perfect correlation of 0.92:


There is a near-perfect correlation between the average IQ of a race, and the rate of Forbes 400 membership.

Note, this near-perfect correlation between IQ and wealth at the ethnic group level should not be confused with the much lower correlation between IQ and income at the individual level.  The former is known as as an “ecological” correlation commonly used in epidemiological research, and tends to be higher because individual level variation cancels outs.  Still, even for an ecological correlation, 0.92 is extremely high; far higher than the roughly 0.7 ecological correlation between national IQs and national GDP.

Also note that Jews were not included in the above correlation because the whole point was to predict the expected Wealh AQ of Jews from the regression line derived from other races, since many have questioned whether IQ is the primary reason for Jewish success.

The regression line equation is:

Wealth AQ =0.044648655256724(average IQ)-3.8234380195599

Plugging the mean Jewish IQ of 110 into the equation gives a predicted Wealth AQ of 1.09.  This is dramatically lower than their actual Wealth AQ of 17.88.  Indeed 17.88 is such an outlier figure that it would not even fit on the above scatter plot, even if we made it ten times bigger.

Let’s flip the scatter plot around and ask, what would be the expected IQ of American Jews given that we know their Wealth AQ is 17.88:


When we flip the scatter plot around so that mean IQ is on the Y axis,  we get a regression equation for predicting mean ethnic IQ from its Wealth AQ:

Average IQ =87.226399926657+18.841984016096(Wealth AQ)

When we plug the Jewish Wealth AQ of 17.88 into this equation, we get a predicted Jewish mean IQ of 250!  In other words, based on the number of Jewish billionaires per capita, we should expect the average American Jew to be much smarter than the smartest person to ever live.  Clearly this is nonsense.

Perhaps the relationship between ethnic IQ and Wealth AQ is not linear through the full range, or perhaps because of too few data points, I overestimated the correlation. or perhaps Jews really do have compensatory traits that allow them to overachieve their IQs to a far higher degree than I had realized.

Or maybe, just maybe, Jews really are a race of superhumans with an average IQ of 250, but are so smart, they deliberately score only 110 on IQ tests to avoid jealousy. 🙂

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess.