Pumpkin Person rating: 7.5/10

Midway through my vacation, this evening I watched the 2014 horror film Death Do Us Part, directed by Nicholas Humphries, and written by Julia Benson, Ryan Copple, and Peter Benson.  The plot was kind of stupid, with one contrived twist after another, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Although they were aiming for a post-modern Scream style slasher film filled with comedy, all of the jokes fell flat, so you were left with an old school, humorless slasher film, which is what I prefer.  I don’t think horror and comedy should be mixed.  What I loved most about this film:

  1. The setting: An incredibly isolated cabin deep in the woods with the ocean directly behind it.  The location was stunning and cozy and all the more beautiful on a big screen TV.  I kept trying to figure out where in the United States the film took place since it looked way too cold to be California, and I learned later it was set in Vancouver, Canada.


         2.  The cast: When I first started watching slasher films as a kid, all  the teenaged characters were years older than me, but now that I’m in my 30s, the characters are all younger than me.  Thus it was refreshing to watch a slasher filmer where the characters were generally in their 30s like me.  Not only were they mostly all around my age, but they were in the same stage of life as me: About to get married.  Indeed the film revolves around that one last weekend in the woods with friends, before you get married and life changes.