Unz.com is the most popular blog in the HBD-o-sphere, and the BRILLIANT Steve Sailer towers as the most popular blogger on Unz.com. Even after years of imitations and clones, no one can lay a hand on his dominance. The power of Sailer is such that partly by appearing on his exclusive blogroll, I rake in a mind-blowing 15,000 readers a month, making me almost certainly the fastest growing HBD blog in history, and well on track to make the HBD 23.

So huge is Sailer’s reach, that just a few days ago, he was quoted by CNN.

I took a look at the six most popular articles of the week at Unz.com, and five of the six were by Sailer.

Sailer’s three most popular articles of the week:

Firewatcher update, in which Sailer notes that “on 9/11 the death toll included 343 firemen and zero firewomen”
When society encourages Mean Girls to bully boys, an interesting discussion about how females are very good at non-violent bullying.  This makes sense because females are less autistic than males, and thus should have higher “Theory of Mind” IQ.

Was this the 9/11 New Jersey celebration Trump remembered?  Perhaps the most terrifying thing I have ever read.  Really spooky stuff.

There is nothing better than making a nice cup of tea, sitting in front of the computer, and reading Sailer, who is not only the most popular blogger in the HBD-o-sphere, but I think, the best journalist in America.  And the commenters he attracts are the best I have ever seen.