After weeks of incredible busyness at work, it feels so good to be on vacation…all by myself…packed up and moved to a huge suburban home for the week, with nothing behind it but trees, darkness, and the moon.

Tonight I will have a quality dinner, followed by delicious homemade hot chocolate made from actual chocolate bars with homemade whip cream as I watch a horror film on a huge screen TV.  One commenter claims this is “prole” but he lacked the sophistication to realize it’s only prole if you see the wires.  A floating TV is very elegant.

Tomorrow I will get up early, put on a warm winter jacket and sip strong tea as I sit on the outdoor deck watching the unique Northern Canadian sun rise with the most glorious shades of pink and orange.

And then I will walk the streets enjoying all the Christmas festivities, the magnificent Christmas trees wrapped in lights,  and all the huge pure white statues of virgin Marry on every Church lawn.  No one has more Christmas spirit than small town Canadians.