In his excellent book A Question of Intelligence: The IQ Debate in America, former Fortune magazine editor Daniel Seligman describes what it’s like to take the WAIS-R IQ test.  On page 5 he describes taking the Picture Arrangement sub-test:

…you get to look at several cards–at least three, sometimes as many as seven–each of which shows a drawing.  The drawings look like panels in comic strips.  You are asked to arrange the cards from left to right so that the drawings tell some kind of meaningful story; in some cases, more than one sequence is allowed to be meaningful.  Picture Arrangement measures, among other things, your ability to anticipate and to engage in “social planning”…Possibly evidencing his weakness in social planning, the tape at this point records a frustrated sixty-four-year-old mumbling to himself in anguish and occasionally expressing delight at a solution.  His final score was nothing to boast about.

Unfortunately Seligman does not provide enough information for me to infer his Picture Arrangement score so I will have to exclude this sub-test when calculating his full-scale IQ.