Recently I was told something interesting by someone on twitter. Not to namedrop but it was HBD chick. Apparently a fan of the Halloween franchise recreated the Myers house from John Carpenter’s original 1978 classic Halloween.

Image from Myers House NC website

HBD Chick jokingly asked if it was my house. I’m a huge Halloween fan but even I wouldn’t go so far as replicating the Myer’s house, although it’s a really cool idea. In fact, I can’t tell if they replicated the house because they’re Halloween fans or if they admired the house for its intrinsic value. It really is quite tasteful in its simple elegance and reminds me a bit of the house I really did live in during early childhood.

Indeed one reason I became such a huge Halloween fan is Carpenter’s original masterpiece reminded me a bit of the kinds of neighborhoods in which I spent my earliest years. One of my most popular posts of all time is about how middle class Michael Myers from the original Halloween series should be diagnosed with autism, while the white trash Michael Myers of Rob Zombie’s controversial remake should be diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Apparently the couple who created this Myers house replica hold a Halloween bash every year. After this post, I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a personal invitation to attend since I just put them on the map. Sorry guys, I have too much on my plate this year, but have a blast!